Thursday, February 12, 2009


This was a time when science was starting to be discovered. People were starting to use the stars and sky as a key into how they incorporate science into there daily life's. This fact can be seen in this certain production of "The Truth Suspected." Throughout the play you will hear many insights to this new discovery they were having. The characters speak quite often about the stars and what theymean to them. So keep in mind when they keep in mind when they speak about the stars, moon, and universe, tey are speaking of science.
Now, every generation goes through their own trail and error of new things and inventions. But science was creating both a positive and negative influence on the people.
This new discovery was also taking a tole with the Catholic church. Many believers said that finding a way to look at life and using science in a powerful tactic was a way to go against God. Believers also said that Science was dangerous. In this play we wanted to react this level of questioning.
It is a blessing that playwrights of the time period mainly wrote what was happening at the time. This gives us facts and adds to our knowledge of history.

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