Friday, February 13, 2009


A breakthrough was happening during this time period. This breakthrough would be used and referred too for centuries to come. In fact, this breakthrough would change the way theater would be performed on stage and performed. It is simply known as set design. Set Design really hit hard during the Early Modern Italy (1636). People began using many different types of aspects to the theater. And to say the least, theater was growing in a way history has never seen before. It was growing all because the technical side was evolving. Prior to this new wave of lighting, most performances would take place during the day time where light was obviously apparent. Unless an extremely important festival was taking part, rarely did performances take place through night.

Imagine attending the theater and suddenly get slapped in the face with hot oil! This is something that would happen quite often during the trial and error of the technical era of theater. It is actually quite interesting, as well as dangerous, how lighting was done when it all began. Oil lamps were carefully placed on stage and off to give the proper lighting. Proscenium lighting was also used for effect. They would place these oil lamps on the strongest beams they could find and cross there fingers that the vibrations from dancing and other movement would not disturb them. And they really were clever in the way they assembled and handled these lights. They would bind a tape fuse made of wire, spun with petroleum or any inflammable material, and they would secure these heavy oil lamps with wire all the way down the auditorium. It is almost unreal to think how risky this all was. But just think, this brave act brought a new wave in theater. So enjoy the show, and the next time you look at the lighting, think of how lucky you are to have secure lighting above your head.

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