Friday, February 13, 2009

Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance era was packed with inspiring people that changed the way theater wold manage and carry itself throughout history. These people are the ones who should be credited for when it comes to building. One person in particular named, Giacome Tortelli. This brilliant man had the idea that is used every day in theater today. His idea was to move sets on and off the stage. He really thought that the appearance of how the stage looked affected the perfromances. Giacome Tortelli created a way to move sets into the wings of the stage and manuver tem back on stage when neccassary.
His sets designs were so extravagent it brought the audiences eye to the horizon and beyond. This Italian Architect created a new rhythm to the stage of performance and Opera. This man is known as the most important engineer, architect, and set designer of the seventeenth century.

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