Monday, January 26, 2009

Early Modern England

When doing the production of this particular play, the main goal was to express and understand the social standing of the time. Social views of this particular time period were highly expressed in the world of the theater. When watching this production,you can definitely see the social views of the time stand out. More so with the women. "The School For Scandal," defines the role and standing of women directly with the character Lady Teazle. Being a wife she is commonly, what women would think today, talked down to quite a-bit. This of course is showing the social power of men, and even though Lady Teazle often converses with wit and cleverness, the man always has a mind set of being the dominant part. The scenes between man and wife point out social standing and possibly what the writer wanted the message to be. Richard Sheridan performed social standing through witty dialog.

The expression of personal views was highly looked down upon and was expressed mostly in the world of comedy….. “If you make someone laugh, they are less likely to kill you.” (Nadine)

Comedy was a common way for artists to look into the views of social placement and meldge them into the conversations of the “coffee chats.” The artists wanted to get their thoughts across, so if you look into the relationship between Lady Teazle and Sir Peter Teazle in their scenes together, you will get a surprise in how the women of this time might have spoke toward the husband, or how they wanted to speak.

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