Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sets and Scenes in the late 18th Century

Today when we attend the theater, we take advantage of the beauty our eyes are witnessing. It is a wonder to think what theater of the world be like without the art of photography and design.

During the late 18th century a man named Louis Jacques Daguerre had the desire to add a touch to the theater that would forever be remembered. This fascination he possessed was with the staging and "presentable" elements theater brought to different audiences.

Even at the age of sixteen, he was an assistant stage designer and architect. He is remembered to carry atonishing talents and abilities when it came to seeing what the majic of light can do to the stage. He really asked the question, How does light change?

He is the man to be credited for the Panorama (cyclorama) theater uses constantly today.

He also produced the worlds first permament photograph. Above you can see for yourself the wonders he ivented.

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