Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Great Stephen Foster

Yes lady's and gentlemen Stephen Foster did have an impact on theater in the late eighteen century and the early nineteen hundreds. He was a man of many talents and his ambition drove him to the height of his career and it is what brought him down. This is a period of true economic and social decline. Racism was at it's peak and for the first time in the history of the nation, slavery was really being noticed. And isn't it a beautiful thing that it was being noticed because of music. Stephen Foster's music is what opened people's eyes, blacks and whites, that it really might be wrong to treat people the way they were. Before this time period it was considered norm to own slaves. Slavery had been going on for quite some time now, and how long was is going to last? Stephen Foster really led a life of events. His high and low parts of his life affected his music for the better. He came quickly famous. It was his style that led him to become "The Father of American Music."
Now when we hear the songs of "Oh! Susana" and "Beautiful Dreamer" we are brought back to a time where music was the soul of every human being. You can hear and feel the sorrow and joy in the lyrics. Stephen flawlessly paints a different picture for every song. Whether it be a song of the South or a lover, the passion and lovely tune stick with you. To think one week was the only amount of time he spent in college before dropping out. It is plain to see that real legends follow there heart and seek bigger and greater things. It was an outrage to his family, though it was clear he had a gift, that Stephen wanted to become a professional song writer. Could there be such a thing? Could there be such a things of a man rising up and accomplishing his dream? These are the questions Stephen wanted to find out. Stephen soon started creating his own style and catchy lyrics. He was known as entertainingly performing 'black face music.'Eventually, alcoholism, loneliness, and a broken heart led him to his death. But you can still find his soul in the words of his music.

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